Looking Forward

My promise to approve Budgets that support the Strategic Plan  that puts Catholic Education, Student Achievement and Accountability at the forefront of all decision making

  • Develop strategies to improve school-parish relationships

  • Increase Chaplaincy to a full-time position in all high schools

  • Work with the Office of Vocations of the Archdiocese of Toronto to promote discernment and religious life

  • Participate in Ministry Curriculum Consultation advocating for: revisions to the math curriculum, funding to upgrade science labs, more opportunities for students to explore technology and skilled trades in grades 7-9, making co-op an M course so it is recognized by universities, revising the Careers course to include financial literacy (Ministry to implement Sept 2019) , and making a second phys ed credit compulsory in high school

  • Advocate for the Advanced Placement (AP) Program at St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS-approved October 2018 for implementation September 2020

  • Advocate for both Advanced Placement (AP) and French Immersion programs at St. Katharine Drexel CHS, as well SHSM programs that met student needs.

  • Ensure that a Regional Arts program is successfully implemented in one of the high schools in Aurora or Newmarket- approved October 2018 for Sacred Heart CHS with implementation September 2020

  • Advocate for a late start bell time at St.Katharine Drexel CHS

  • Expand Continuing Education programs

  • Implement Equity and Inclusion Framework

  • Attend Ministry training in Human Rights, Ethical leadership and Good Governence

  • Implement next phase of Mental Health Strategy

  • Increase spending in Special Education and continue to lobby for more funding for Special Education and Transportation.

  • Implement On-line payment options for parents: field trips, hot lunches, fundraising

I have known Elizabeth for 15 years. For the first 10 years I had the pleasure of working with her directly as past Chair of Holy Name Catholic School Council. As the local trustee and Chair of the School Board, Elizabeth has demonstrated leadership, honesty, professionalism, responsiveness, and engaged the community effectively. On a personal level, Elizabeth consistently shows her commitment and passion to our Catholic schools, our children, and the community at large. Elizabeth is deserving of this recognition and I support her re-election as our local School Board Trustee.
— Susanna Payne, Past Chair Catholic School Council, Holy Name CES, King City and Parent Constituent
Celebrating 25 years of Catholic Education at Light of Christ CES, Aurora

Celebrating 25 years of Catholic Education at Light of Christ CES, Aurora

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Holy Name CES, King City

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Holy Name CES, King City

  • Implement a field refurbishment strategy

  • Develop strategies to increase traffic safety around schools

  • Implement recommendation of St. Mark CES traffic study (advocate for funding approval for capital investment from Ministry of Education)

  • Actively engage with the newly elected Whitchurch -Stouffville Mayor and Councillors to maximize the opportunity for partnership at the new school (possible options: town use of school gyms evenings and weekends, domed artificial turf field ) using my experience working with the Mayor and Council of the town of Aurora as a foundation for discussions.

  • Engage the community to develop strategies to increase enrollment in all Aurora schools

  • Obtain a Port-a-Pak for Holy Name CES

  • Be a Champion for Catholic Education

As a member of Catholic School Council at both the elementary and secondary level, it has been my pleasure and privilege to have had the continued oppotunity to work with Elizabeth Crowe for more than 10 years. I would summarize her involvement based on 3 “C”s: Commiment, Communication and Caring.

Elizabeth has always shown her Commitment to the well-being, success and health of the students in the YCDSB. One example is how she worked with the Principal and CSC at St. Max to identify the need to upgrade the sports facility so as to dramatically improve the safety and enjoyment of the field and track for both the high school and the elementary schools that use the facility for their track events. She then worked at the Board level to gain funding and support and execute the vision.

With respect to open Communication, Elizabeth brings relevant information to our CSC meetings. Her knowledge and guidance helps council make the proper choices for enhancing our interaction with all parents.

Elizabeth is intrinsically a very Caring and sincere person. With her, the personal touch is never lost as we are ultimately dealing with a very delicate topic, out children’s education.

I continue to look forward to working with Elizabeth Crowe for the next four years.
— Eric Poblete, past Chair CSC, Our Lady of Grace CES and St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS, Aurora